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National Honey Board

Sharing the news about the good work the honey industry is doing to support sustainability initiatives like bee health research. ​

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While honey is a wholly natural sweetener, over the past five years, consumers have become ever more concerned about their consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Protecting the reputation of honey includes proactively sharing positive industry news with the media. For example, the news that honey is Americans’ #1 preferred sweetener gained a lot of traction and impressions with reporters in 2020, showcasing why consumers who are concerned about their health and the environment choose honey over white sugar.


The 2020 USDA Sugar & Sweeteners Outlook study shows honey use up 8% over 2019. Positioning honey as the all-natural, better-for-you sweetener for consumers who are concerned about their health and about the health of the planet has enabled National Honey Board to ramp up communications about its programs to support bee health research and the importance of honey bees in pollination and our food supply.

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