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Providence Mission Hospital

Building the reputation of Providence Mission Hospital as a premier healthcare center in south Orange County through physicians serving as experts on COVID-19.

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Media were as confused as everyone else about how to operate during COVID, and that made reaching them a moving target. Because Westbound had been working with Mission Hospital for many years, we knew the doctors and their areas of expertise. We moved immediately to engage reporters and editors, providing them with access to these experts. Logistically, navigating Zoom interviews and barriers to reporters coming on-site at the hospital created some initial need to explore and use innovative technology solutions to connect the doctors to the media.


By being the first hospital in our region to work effectively with reporters and editors during COVID, and because of a broad range of expert physicians we made available, our team was able to place more than 100 stories featuring Mission Hospital. That effort continues today.


Power in Numbers

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Articles in a 14-month period

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