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San Bernardino City Unified School District

Promoting SBCUSD's investment in world-class academic, athletics and arts facilities to spur equity and success for all students.​

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By insuring that the neediest members of the community receive quality health care, CalOptima performs a crucial service that benefits EVERY resident of Orange County. How? CalOptima addresses homelessness, food insecurity, mental health and ongoing care for the most vulnerable residents. That concept is not well-understood.


Initial research showed strong awareness (65%) and positive perceptions of CalOptima, especially among the members of the community it serves. Message testing showed efforts to connect residents with food and shelter increased positive perceptions on CalOptima, and the campaign focuses on telling the story of CalOptima’s efforts to help the homeless, which helps build a strong community for everyone.


Power in Numbers


Renewable energy and every district facility will be powered by clean energy by 2024

60 M

Dollars saved over 30 years providing additional funding for students, campus facilities and classrooms


District buildings have Green Building Energy Star Certifications

Education Gallery

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