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American Career College

Recognizing healthcare workers, especially nurses, during the COVID-19 pandemic by hosting appreciation events at local hospitals.

event marketing and management | media relations | community outreach | social media


Westbound led the planning and implementation of the event, converting an old Air Force tent used for COVID-19 overflow patients into a relaxing lounge and performing outreach to dozens of nearby community organizations to donate tokens of appreciation to create a recognition wall (pictured). We also conducted accelerated media outreach given the limited timeframe, social media content generation and government outreach with the local cities and county to secure proclamations.


Westbound delivered more than 15 media placements, including repeated stand-ups with four morning broadcast outlets at the event and feature coverage with the local newspaper. We created an event template to perform this event eight more times in 2021 and 2022 in Southern California and the Dallas area. Most important, the nurses, staff and executives at the hospital expressed deep gratitude to the American Career College leadership. Mission accomplished!


Power in Numbers


Weeks to plan and implement appreciation event for ~500 nurses


Media placements for first event, including all four major LA broadcast outlets


Additional appreciation events completed in the following two years, modeled after original event template

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