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Megan Wentz

Account Director

Megan brings extensive experience in building high-quality strategic communications and public affairs content. Well versed in a variety of mediums and advertising tactics, she is keen on creating integrated strategies in marketing and communication. She effectively uses her expertise in team leadership and content creation to promote business growth, passion, and community. Her industry experiences include journalism, auto, utilities, restaurant/bars, music venues, cyber security, holistic healers, fine arts and more. She has a love for travel and has lived in many places, including Minnesota, Kansas, and France. She’s proud to call Southern California her home for the last 20 years, attending both Occidental College and the Art Center College of Design.​

Fun fact

In her spare time, Megan loves to explore both local and distant destinations with her camera. She then develops the film from her home and utilizes mixed media with print making and painting to create unique pieces.

Megan Wentz
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