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Jessica Neuman

Media Manager

Jessica leverages almost 20 years of local, regional and national media experience to develop and execute media relations strategies for organizations in industries ranging from retail to business-to-business, consumer products, higher education, government, technology, and more. She also leads the agency’s healthcare practice, managing public relations, media relations and communications programs for clients including Alsana, a national eating disorder treatment community, Providence Health’s seven-state health system including local hospital Providence Mission Hospital, CalOptima, Word & Brown, among others. One of Jessica’s notable achievements is leading Providence Mission Hospital’s 2020 COVID-19 local and regional media relations campaign, which resulted in more than 250 print, online and broadcast stories featuring the hospital’s physicians, in 10 months. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, holds a B.A. in literature and journalism, and grew up in San Diego, Calif.​

Fun fact

Jessica is a film and TV buff – some of her favorites include The West Wing, The Newsroom, Morning Show, along with the Star Wars series of films, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Blade Runner, The Matrix, and any films about journalism.

Jessica Neuman
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